Life off tour

I'm writing this blog, Malbec in hand, sat in the restaurant of an ageing yet cosy hotel in Greenock, Scotland - where I've been based since December 2018. When I'm not on tour or otherwise busy with TesseracT-related-activities, I keep myself extremely busy with my own graphics and formatting business. It's not the most exciting subject in the world but I absolutely strive with a project on. This particular one is over in a couple weeks time and I'll be straight into perhaps the biggest project of my life - moving to Austin, Texas with my wife Bailey and our two dogs.

It's odd - most of the people I've spoken to about this move have commented on how relaxed I seem about it all. There's two reasons I'm relaxed about it:

1. It feels like the most obvious move for Bailey and me. I figure that at 35, I'm already doing the things I want in life and so, I want to put my wife in the best place possible for her to do the same. Austin is that place.

2. Bailey is handling pretty much all of the logistics for the move while I'm busy up in Scotland so all I'm really doing is saying 'Yes' to things.

I have a feeling the hard work is yet to come though. I'll have about a week to frantically pack the belongings I want to keep into a couple freight boxes before they're collected early May and shipped overseas. I've then got to empty our house, sell the house, wrap up loose admin ends, redirect mail, sell my car, sell my UK drum kit (more on this in a minute!) and get my ass on a Heathrow - Austin flight on 20th May with my two dogs (that's all arranged - thanks Bailey!).

The sad thing I just mentioned is that I'm going to be looking for a new home for my beloved DW collectors kit - yes, the one I've literally just received. It turns out that shipping a kit internationally isn't cheap and the lovely people at DW are happy to build me my kit of dreams in the US - which makes things a lot more straightforward than dealing with the risks of sea freight or the costs of air freight.

SO - SALES PITCH - if you're in the market for one of the best drum kits ever made (seriously), please drop me a message. It really is something special.

I haven't really mentioned TESSERACT yet. We're busy preparing for the summer festivals. There's an awful lot of organisation involved in getting us five + our growing crew in the same place at the same time, plus all of the tech and production we're bringing along. This summer is going to be by far some of the biggest productions we've ever put on. It's really quite exciting to see the plans come together.

We're also entering album 5 mode. Some of the first demos are coming together and, what can I say... it's sounding like TESSERACT evolved - again.

When I listen back to each album, I tend to hear the things I'd like us to do differently next time. Don't get me wrong - I'm immensely pleased with each record we've put out. I just think that our music is never finished. Our musical ideas will never cease and neither will our vision for where we want to take this project in terms of live production.

On a personal level, I'm really excited to be touring a good portion of this summer on a bus rather than in a van. It makes the biggest difference to my mindset and health when I can sleep comfortably and get away from the madness when I need to.

It's also super exciting to be visiting a load of new places around the world too. I'm not sure which shows have been announced yet and, as it's approaching midnight, I'm probably not going to check Google and list them all - I'm sure they're all listed on .

So - short and sweet. I hope to see some familiar faces in the crowds this summer. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like me to cover anything specific in these blogs. I'll do my best to capture a load of cool footage and stories over the summer to drop into here.

For now. Peace and take care of each other..


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