Acrylic paint on a used Evans 14" Power Centre snare drum head - used on TesseracT's summer 2019 European festival tour.


20% of the money raised from this sale will go to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) 


I took inspiration for this piece from two things. Firstly, the song Nocturne from TesseracT's second album 'Altered State'. I wanted to create a night scene, choosing to make a clear distinction between the earth and the sky. The ground - I decided to represent a number of mushrooms. Specifically 'Amanita muscaria' and 'Psilocybe cubensis'. I chose the latter specifically to help raise awareness for MAPS- an organisation conducting research which I believe is at the cutting edge of truth. They are researching the benefits of psychedelic compounds, such as those found in Psilocybe mushrooms, which, when used in conjunction with guided therapy, are showing incredibly positive beneficial results in people suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety and a whole load of other mental (and non-mental) ailments.


I hope that those who see this art and read this blurb will keep an open mind and look into some of the science for themselves. It's potentially life-changing for a lot of people who are currently suffering needlessly with poor mental health, and a lack of actual long-term solutions.

'NOCTURNE' Drum head art

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